Personal settings: optimize your profile

In Vectera you have a lot of options to brand your meeting rooms for your company. Most of those settings can be found in Customization. Next to the team settings, which impact all the team members, you can also optimize your own profile.


Individual settings can be found in your profile settings.


Profile settings

Go to 'Settings - Edit profile' in the menu. On this page, you can change your first name, last name, personal booking / waiting room link and profile image. 


If you want to change your password, this is also the place to be but you can't change your email address in your profile settings. If you want to change it, you can always contact the Vectera team and we'll be happy to do that for you!


Name settings

Fill in the 'First name*' and 'Last name' to show people who they're talking to. This name will also be shown on your personal booking page.


If you want to show your company name on a personal booking page, you can fill in the company name in 'First name' and leave 'Last name' blank.




* These fields are required and can't be empty.


Personal booking and waiting room link

Every team member can create a personal booking page with personal meeting types. Go to Scheduling to connect your own calendar and set up the scheduling and meeting type settings. 


It's possible to customize the last part of the personal booking link with eg. your own name. When you edit this setting, this will also update your personal waiting room link!


Profile image

You can upload a profile image in your account which will be displayed in several locations in the dashboard, meeting rooms and booking pages. Click on 'Upload Image', select your picture and upload it.


Read this help article to find out more about the profile image.

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