Integrate ActiveCampaign with Vectera

What the integration does for you: when you connect your ActiveCampain account to your Vectera account, there are several options:

  • A new contact can be created if it doesn't exist already

  • Add the contact to an existing ActiveCampaign list

  • Create or update a deal for the contact


Before you start integrating, note that you need the "Business plan" in order to benefit from this feature. Integrations are on the organization level, meaning that every team member will be connected to the connected integration.



Connect both of your accounts

1. Go to settings -> Integrations in your Vectera account, or by simply clicking on this link:

2. Click on ActiveCampaign



3. You will see a screen where you can enter an API URL and API key to connect your ActiveCampaign account with Vectera.


4. Go to your ActiveCampaign account and click on settings (bottom left) and Developer to search for the API URL and API key.

The API key in the examples below are from a test account and can't be used to integrate with Vectera!


5. Copy the API Access URL and key from ActiveCampaign to Vectera and click on Integrate.



6. Check the checkboxes that should be active when somebody books a meeting with you through your booking page. The checkboxes can be changed at all times after the integration.

  • If you want the contact to be added to a list in ActiveCampaign, you will have to select the specific list.

  • If you want to create or update a deal for the contact, check the checkbox and select the correct Pipeline and Stage where the deal should be added.
    You can also add a default amount and currency for the deals.


The API key in the examples above are from a test account and can't be used to integrate with Vectera!


7. Hit save!


You are now ready for a smoother CRM flow! Good luck!


Vectera is looking forward to your feedback so we can offer you the best scheduling and customer meeting experience. Set up your next customer meeting right away by logging into your account or sign-up for a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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