Adding parameters to your scheduling url

When integrating the booking pages in your app, platform or website, you can add data in the URL to improve the customer experience.

Example: Someone is logged in on your platform and you know the First Name, Last Name, email and phone number. Or someone entered this information in a form on your website and is transferred to the booking page.

When that person needs to re-enter the information in the booking fields, it might feel cumbersome for the user.


You can add all standard fields as parameters in the url:

  • Email

  • Last Name

  • First Name

  • Company

  • Phone

  • Start & End date (more info below the image)



This results in:



Add a start and end date as a parameter in the booking link

When creating a meeting type in Scheduling, you are able to set a start and end date when people can book an meeting (eg. image below).

However, if you haven't set up a start and end date or you want a more specific start and end date in the existing one, you can add a parameter to the booking link that you send!

Parameters to add:

  • Start date: ?startDate=yyyy-mm-dd

  • End date: ?endDate=yyyy-mm-dd

  • Both:?startDate=yyyy-mm-dd&endDate=yyyy-mm-dd

Eg. If I want my client to book a meeting between the third of May and the 26th of May, I will send the booking link as


If you have set up a start and end date in your meeting type and want to add a different start and end date in your booking URL parameters, make sure that the following steps are correct:

  • The start date parameter should be after the start date in the meeting type settings.

  • The end date parameter should be before the end date in the meeting type settings.

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