How do I install the Customer Meetings extension in Edge?

Step 1: go to your meeting room and click 'Recordings'

A window will show and ask you to install the Customer Meetings browser extension.


Step 2: click on 'the browser extension'

A new browser tab opens and takes you to the Customer meetings extension in the Chrome Web Store.


Step 3: allow extensions from other stores

If it's the first time you're using the chrome web store in Edge, you have to 'allow extensions from other stores' at the top of the page first before you can add the Customer meetings to Edge.


Step 4: add to Chrome

Once you allowed the extensions from other stores, you will be able to add the Customer meetings extension.


Click on the blue button Add to Chrome (although you're in edge).



A pop up will appear that tells you to install the extension in the Extension settings. Click on Add extension and you will be forwarded to the Customer meetings extension on your browser extensions page.

A message should show that the Customer meetings extension has been added to Edge.

Step 5: start recording!

You now can record your meeting in Vectera. Read more about the recording feature here!

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