Which settings on a team meeting can a non-admin of the team change?

A team exists of admin and non-admin users. The team admin can create meeting types for the entire team, while non-admin users can only create personal meeting types. The admin can add multiple team members to a meeting type and set all the default settings.

But what can you change as a non-admin in this meeting type?


What does a team meeting type look like?

You can recognize a team meeting type by the people assigned to it. If more than one image or circle with initials is visible, it's a team meeting type.




Which parts are editable for a non-admin team member?

As a non-admin team member you will notice that most parts of a team meeting type are not edible for you. Only team admins will be able to edit those parts. Only the availability part will be editable for non-admin team members.



A non-admin team member can change all his availability settings. Because those settings are more on a personal basis. In this help article you can read more about those settings.



Only the team Admins can change the settings in:

  • Meeting type details
  • Availability (of other team members)
  • Summary
  • Powerful extensions


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