Overview: How to integrate Vectera in your app or website?

Vectera provides the ability to integrate booking pages, meeting room creation and user management in your app or website.


This page provides an overview of the different integration options, a few hands-on guides with practical examples and the API reference, which is an overview of the available endpoints.

Integrating the booking page in your app does not require lots of technical expertise. Basic HTML knowledge will do.


Generating meeting rooms and managing users is more technical and requires basic knowledge of REST API methods. Sounds hardcore, but it's not too hard and you can try out the API functionality without programming skills with tools such as Insomnia.


API keys are part of the Vectera API plan. Get in touch to learn more.




Connecting and authenticating with Vectera

Guide: Integrating the booking app

Guide: Generate meeting rooms

Guide: manage and authenticate users 

Guide: How to create/add templates for your meeting rooms via API?

Guide: Filter and sort results

API Reference


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