Guide: Generate meeting rooms

Use the meeting room generator to create meeting rooms at scale. Meeting rooms can be pre-configured using the API to align and standardise your communication workflow.

Example: Generate a meeting room with a link for the customer and a link for the meeting host.


In most scenario's, it's recommended to generate the meeting host first and generate the meeting room for that specific user/meeting host as a second step. Users can be created programmatically as well. Creating meeting rooms per user enables you to have a view on metrics (hours of use per user) or implement the custom feedback or redirect per user. An API token is required - get in touch to get an API token.


Check our API reference for all the endpoints and parameters that you can use for requests.


Generate the meeting room

First, authenticate using the token. You must use a request header for the authentication.

1. Copy the id of the team member for whom you want to generate a meeting room, by doing a GET request to Use a filter or sort the results to ease your search if you have a lot of team members.

In the preview, you will see the team members. Copy the Id of the correct team member.




2. Do a POST request to with the parameters "key" and "owner_id"

You can specify parameters using the JSON format, these parameters must be added in the body (not in the head!).

  • "key": Set the meeting room name and the associated link. If not specified, a random name will be used.

  • "owner_id": Id of the team member for whom you want to generate a meeting room. If you create the meeting room for yourself (by means of test) you can omit this parameter.

Add more parameters such as a forward-url or templates. An overview of the options can be found in the API reference

The meeting room url from the response can be used immediately in your communication. It's a public link for guests. 


Create an access link for the meeting room host


After generating a meeting room, the response returns a meeting room id, which is needed for generating an access key. These access keys are 30-character keys and are far less likely to be "guessed" than regular user passwords. 

Use the permissions endpoint to generate the access link:


Use the permissions endpoint to generate the access link:


Send a POST request with the parameters:

  • "meetingRoomId":"{meetingRoomId}",

  • "accessLevel":"is_host" or "accessLevel":"can_always_join"


The guest has host rights:  "accessLevel":"is_host" or the guest can always join but has no hosts rights: "accessLevel":"can_always_join".



In most cases "is_host" is preferred as it is the most flexible and it is required to allow the meeting host to accept guests.

Be advised that anyone using this access link can enter the meeting room at any time. It is important to set up a workflow to make sure this key is hidden behind eg a button in your interface or is only shared with the relevant people. 

Access keys can be updated over time for security purposes as well if meeting rooms are used persistently.


Optional: Add a forward link to redirect customers when the meeting ends


When you end a meeting with a lead or customer, it is a good idea to forward them to a specific (thank you) page on your website. It's possible to set this up via the team settings or via the API for a meeting room.

Send a POST request to to generate a meeting room and add "settings":{"forwardUrl": "URL"} as a parameter.

In the example below, the guest will be forwarded to when the meeting ends.

You can change the forward URL by sending a PATCH request to

Add a new link to change the link or leave blank to remove the link.


Next: Do you want to create meeting room templates and apply them to specific meeting rooms via the API? This help article will guide you.


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