Safari: Share screen isn't working

If you want to share your screen in Safari and get a message like 'You haven't given permission to share a screen. Get help' you can follow the steps in this help article to make it work again!

  1. Click on Safari and select preferences

  2. Click on Websites and open the Screen sharing settings

  3. Next to a box will show that says Ask or Deny. If it shows Deny, change it to Ask by clicking on the box and selecting Ask.

  4. Refresh the meeting room page and Share screen should work fine again

I clicked on Don't allow and the message keeps showing

If you selected don't allow after clicking on Share screen the pop-up should normally show again. If this is not the case, you can look into the Safari preferences as described above in the article. If it shows Ask but you still get the message, you can just perform a page refresh!

After a page refresh the Share screen pop-up should show again!

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