How to edit the email templates?

When a customer books a meeting, he/she will receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite with a small text and the details of the meeting. By default the templates look like this.


Confirmation email:


Calendar invite:


It's possible to change the templates to more customized texts which can give your customer more information about the meeting, yourself or something else.



If a reminder is set up or if the meeting gets canceled by the host, you can also send a mail with a customized text.


Where to find the email templates?

For every meeting type, you can change the email templates. Create a new or edit an existing meeting type and scroll down until you see Powerful extensions - Customize email templates.



As the admin of a team, you can change your own email template and those of your team members in a team meeting type.


You can also copy the email template of another meeting type. Below the email templates, you can select and confirm the meeting type of which the email templates should be copied.



How do I change the email template? 

It's really easy to change the email template. Click in the subject or text box and add or delete the text that you want. 


Just make sure that:

  • all the tags are correct (tip: click on the '?' icon and copy the tag(s) there).

  • The tag {details} cannot be added in the subject.

  • you save the changes.

If there are tags that are not valid or that are incorrect, a message will appear with the mistake after you click on save.



Customize the layout of your email templates

Next to customizing the email template text, you can also customize the layout of the email templates:


Who will receive this mail?

Only the person who books a meeting on your booking page will receive these confirmation, reminder and cancellation emails, based on the templates. The confirmation and reminder mail that you receive will not look like this template.


Tip: book a test meeting to check what the confirmation mail for your customers will look like. 


If your guest invites additional invitees they won't receive the above confirmation email, but they will receive the 'Additional invitees confirmation email'.

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