How to make great recordings of your meeting?

In Vectera it's possible to record your entire meeting or just certain parts of the meeting. You can start and stop the recording of the meeting whenever you want. But what influences the quality of your recording?

Browser and extension

To make a recording in a Vectera meeting room you will need 3 things:

  1. To be the host of the meeting room

  2. To use Google Chrome

  3. To install the Customer meetings extension

In this article you can read how to start and stop a recording in a meeting room.

The quality of a recording

Recordings have no influence on the internet connection but they do affect your CPU usage. This implies that your processors need to be strong enough. Older devices might have problems to make good recordings if the Vectera meeting room has a high CPU usage. The more participants a meeting room has, the more CPU it requires. The recording quality of a group meeting can thus be lower than a one-on-one meeting.

A possible impact on recording quality is a distorted audio track.

We recommend closing unnecessary applications and browser tabs to reduce overall CPU usage. 

In Task manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) you can see which processes are using a lot of CPU. Just make sure not to close Google Chrome during a meeting!

If you have any questions about your recordings, contact us through the chat or at

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