How to use formulas in the whiteboard?

In the Vectera whiteboards, you can add several options: drawings, geometrical shapes, text and also formulas.

Add a formula

To add a formula, you can click on the sum symbol (Σ = sigma) on the left side of the whiteboard and afterward click in the whiteboard. Now you can type the formula.

To add specific formulas or Greek symbols, you can click on the arrow next to the sum symbol. A box with several options will open: mathematical symbols en Greek lower- uppercases. You can also type formulas and symbols, see the overview below.

How do formulas work?

Next to the mathematical symbols in the list, you can type formulas. Below we are showing three examples: Superscript, Subscript and Fractions.




Overview of all the formulas

You can find an overview of all the formulas at this Spreadsheet link:

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