Help, I hear an echo. What can I do?

You hear an echo while having a meeting with customers or colleagues? That's annoying! But why do you hear that echo?

Well this can have 3 reasons:

  • The microphone picks up the sound of your speaker.

  • You have the same meeting room opened in multiple tabs (browser, incognito mode, ...).

  • You are sitting very close to another person who is also in the meeting room.

Microphone vs speaker

If your microphone picks up the sound of your speaker and sends it back into the room it will sound like an echo effect.

  • You can drop the volume but that might make it difficult to hear the other person.

  • The best solution would be using headphones or earplugs, that way you can separate the speaker output from your microphone input.

If you hear an echo, it probably means that the speaker and microphone of your guest are too close to each other. It's best to ask your guest to lower the volume a little.

Multiple tabs open

Another reason why you might have an echo effect, is that you have openend the same meeting room several times (different tabs, browsers). Maybe you opened the room in another browser and didn't close it. Or you wanted to test something with an incognito window.
This means that all the sound will be sent multiple times through your speaker and creates an echo effect. The solution would be to close the other meeting rooms and to continue in just one tab.

You are sitting too close to another person who has opened the same meeting room

If you have a meeting with a customer and a colleague or with the team and you're sitting very close to another team member, it might create an echo. Your microphone can pick up the sound from the speaker close to you and resend it into the meeting room.

Headphones/headsets would be a great solution or maybe you can sit together and have the meeting on one device.

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