How do you set up cobrowsing?

In your meeting rooms you have 2 options to share your screen: screensharing and cobrowsing. Screenshare allows you to share a window, program or browser tab. While Cobrowsing allows you to share a browser tab where the other participant can also do interactions e.g. click, type, scroll, ...


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What is cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing means you share a browser tab with a meeting participant(s), where both you and the meeting participant(s) can control what happens in the shared browser tab.

The big difference between screen share and cobrowsing: you can control the tab in the meeting room itself - and the same goes for your participants!

This means you can fill out a form together, navigate through new software or even make exercises. It all depends on your use case - but cobrowsing has you covered!




How to set up cobrowsing?

Starting a cobrowse session is possible in Google Chrome, Edge or Opera. If another participant started cobrowsing, you can interact with other browsers as well. Find out more about browser support here.

Only the person that starts the cobrowse sessions needs to install the extension, other participants don't need to install the extension to interact with your cobrowsed screen.

Cobrowsing is directly available from within the meeting room. You can find it at the top on the right side:


When you click on Cobrowse for the first time, you're prompted to install Vectera's Chrome extension:

After you've installed the extension, you can return to the Vectera meeting room. You'll see the pop-up has been updated as you've installed the Chrome extension. You only have to perform these steps once.

As soon as this is done, you can select the screen you want to cobrowse on and choose whether you want to share audio:


How to use cobrowsing?

Start a cobrowse session

Once the extension is installed, just click on Cobrowse and select the browser tab that you want to share.

You'll see that you'll remain in the Vectera meeting room. As you're sharing control of your browser with the participants, a notification will pop up.

Share audio during a cobrowse session

If you have a good internet connection, cobrowse can be used to share a video with audio e.g. Youtube. In order to do that you will have to:

  1. Show the video in a browser tab and activate cobrowse
  2. Select the browser tab of the video (eg. Youtube)
  3. Enable 'Also share tab audio'
  4. Click on Share


Now the other participant hears the sound of the video.


What can & can't the other participant do?

Other participants can do several things in your browser tab, depending on that website:

  • Click on buttons and links,
  • type text and enter,
  • scroll the page


Sometimes website won't allow the cobrowse feature to click on a button or do certain actions. 

Especially with embedded content e.g. embedded PDF, video, audio, ... In that case we will show a message that it's not possible.

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