Experience high CPU usage? This might help!

A high CPU usage, sometimes going hand in hand with a heating device, is usually a result of your device giving its fullest.

There are a lot of processes in your device that require a lot of processing power, sometimes causing your device to heat up. This is not necessarily a bad thing - most devices are very well suited to cope with those circumstances.

What can you do to avoid high CPU usage when using Vectera?

  • Check whether it's Vectera ramping up your CPU usage, or if there are other intensive processes running (in the background). Installing updates, syncing a lot of files with a cloud storage provider, ... Try pausing these processes when you're about to have long or a lot of meetings.

  • Sharing your screen in Vectera is very useful. A lot of devices have a very comfortable resolution with many, many pixels. (Nearly) all these pixels need to be streamed to your participants, requiring your CPU to give its best.If you're sharing something on a screen that has a high resolution, try sharing a smaller part of that screen by resizing the program you're sharing to smaller dimensions. Choose to share "app window" or "browser tab" and make sure those are not visually maximised on your screen or monitor.

  • Vectera allows you to share multiple screens. Although you can only maximise one screen with the other screens minimised, each additional screen takes up some of your CPU power. Try limiting the amount of shared screens. Each additional screen also requires more bandwidth, so also make sure you have a good connection!

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