Which file types are supported in Meeting Rooms?

Vectera currently supports uploads of static files. Here is a full list of supported files with their extensions:



Microsoft Office & Open Document

"doc", "docx", "dotx", "docm", "dotm"
"odt", "ott"
"htm", "html"
"rtf", "txt"
"xls", "xlsx", "xlts", "xlsm", "xltm", "xlam", "xlsb"
"ods", "ots"
"ppt", "pptx", "potx", "ppsx", "ppam", "pptm", "potm", "ppsm"
"odp", "otp", "odg", "otg"


"bmp", "dicom", "ico", "icon", "jpeg", "jpg", "png", "tiff"



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