Multiple calendars - Share your Google calendar availability

After you've successfully connected your Google calendar to Vectera, Vectera can check the availability of multiple calendars connected to your Google calendar account.


This can be a holiday calendar, personal calendar, your colleague's, ...


To allow Vectera to check for that availability, you will need to share these calendars in your Google calendar account. (If you want to share Google and Outlook read this help article.)


Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Google calendar on a computer

  2. Look for the My calendars section on the left

  3. Find the calendar you want to check for availability and hover over it. Click on 'Settings and sharing'

  4. The Settings page will open. Look for the "Share with specific people" section

  5. Add the email address of the Google calendar account you've connected to Vectera

  6. Make sure to update the permissions to 'Make changes and manage sharing'



Connect in Vectera

  1. Now go to

  2. Connect to the Google account

  3. Check all the relevant calendars for availability and select the main calendar as 'Calendar in which events will be created'

  4. Hit save

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