Add a brand color to your meeting rooms and booking page

In order to customize meeting rooms and booking pages Vectera offers several options to make everything look like it's your own brand. For instance, you can easily add a brand color so all the main buttons will have the same color. This article explains how.


Note: If you have created a custom brand color via a CSS sheet, we recommend to use the brand color and remove color options from your css sheet.


How to set up a brand color?


  1. Go to your Customization page

  2. Under Brand you will see the option Brand Color
  3. Fill in the Hex code of the color your prefer. You can check the color in the preview in combination with white text.
  4. Hit save


Now visit your meeting rooms or booking pages to check what the brand color looks like there.



To add a logo, background images and set up other team settings, we recommend to read this help article.


How to set up the brand color in your dashboard?

Teams on the Enterprise plan also have the option to brand the dashboard. Contact to do this!

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