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After you've created contact forms in Vectera, you can access them on a handy overview page. From here on out, you can perform different actions. We'll discuss them in this article.

In this help article

As an admin, you can view the contact forms you created (Personal) and the ones your team members created (All). As a non-admin you'll only be able to see the contact form(s) you created.

First of all you'll find a list of all the contact forms you've created. You'll find more information on:

  • The title of the form
  • The number of responses
  • The creator of the form
  • Edit/share/other options

Create a form

If you're on the Pro or Business plan, you can create several contact forms instead of only one per account. Click on the button Create a form in the top right-hand corner to create additional ones.

Edit contact form

You can edit a contact form by clicking on the pencil next to it, or by clicking the three dots > Edit form.

Share contact form

You can share the contact form by clicking on the share icon next to it.

In the next screen you'll have different options. You can share the form:

  • Via a link
  • Via embedding HTML code
    • Choose Copy embedded HTML if you want to copy paste embedded HTML in your website instead of a regular link. Read more about embedding a contact form here.
  • Via a QR code
    • Choose Copy QR embedded HTML if you want to copy paste embedded HTML in your website instead of a regular link.
    • You can also download the QR image.
  • Via a contact widget
    • Click on Create a widget if you want to embed your contact form in a contact widget on your website. In 'Link contact type', the form you created will automatically be selected. Read more about contact widgets here.

Prefill contact form questions

When integrating a contact form in your app, platform or website, you can add data in the URL to prefill some answers of questions and improve the customer experience. Read all about it here.


Once you've shared a contact form or embedded it on your website, leads and clients can fill it in and submit their answers. You will receive the answers via mail, optionally in your Teamleader Focus CRM and you can find them in the responses on the overview page.

Access the responses by clicking on the responses hyperlink, e.g. 2 responses. When you have new submitted responses the past 7 days, an icon will be displayed.

Now you will see a page with the 10 latest responses:

If you have more than 10 responses you're able to see the oldest responses on the next page. You can find pagination at the bottom of the page.

Other options

When you click on the three dots next to your contact form, you'll see several other options.

Preview form

If you click on Preview form, a pop-up shows with a preview of the questions in your form. From within this pop-up, you have the option to edit the form or copy the link.

The logo that's shown on the top of your contact form can be edited if you click on Change branding at the bottom of the preview. You're then redirected to your customisation page where you can upload or change your logo.

Duplicate form

If you click on Duplicate form, all information from your form will be duplicated to a new one with the name 'Duplicate of X'. You can still edit it of course and save it.

Delete form

You can also delete your form by clicking on Delete form. Note that this action cannot be undone. If you've embedded the contact form on your website the form will stop working, so make sure to remove it there.

(De)activate form

When clicking on the three dots you'll also see the slider 'Active'. When a form is active, it can be filled out by your leads (on your website). Deactivate the slider if you e.g. temporarily want to remove a form from your website, or if you want to activate another form.

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