How to cancel or reactivate your Vectera subscription

In this help article you can read how to cancel your subscription in a few steps. If you've canceled your subscription but would like to reactivate it, you can follow the steps in the second part of this article.

Cancel your subscription

We're sorry to see you go :(

Only team admins can cancel their plan. Follow these steps if you want to end your Vectera plan:

  1. Go to the Subscription page
  2. Click on Cancel your subscription
  3. Fill in a reason why you want to cancel your Vectera subscription
  4. Click on Cancel your subscription

Now your subscription will be canceled for auto-renewal. You can still use the Pro/Business features until the day that your subscription ends. After that you will go to the limited Free plan.

If you have any questions about canceling the plan, please contact

Reactivate your subscription

At any time you can reactivate your subscription to a Pro or Business plan and enjoy the advanced features that Vectera has to offer.

  1. Go to the Subscription page
  2. Click on the button Reactivate your subscription
  3. Select a plan by clicking on Upgrade
  4. Follow the checkout steps

Your subscription is now reactivated and you can immediately use all the Pro/Business features.

If you have any questions about reactivating or upgrading the plan, please contact .

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