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After you've created meeting types in Vectera, you can access them on a handy overview page. From here on out, you can perform different actions. We'll discuss them in this article.


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Hosted by me - All

As an admin, you can view the meeting types you created (Hosted by me) and the ones your team members created (All). As a non-admin you'll only be able to see the meeting type(s) you created. Next to this filter option, you'll find the bulk settings, the booking links and the button to create a new meeting type.


Bulk update settings

This page allows you to easily update your meeting type settings in bulk. Toggle some settings you wish to update and enter the desired values. Select the meeting types for which to apply these settings. An admin can perform bulk actions on all meeting types while a non-admin can only apply bulk actions to their own meeting types.


If you click on booking links you'll see 4 types of booking links that you can copy and share with leads/customers to book a meeting with you. 

  • Copy personal booking link: this is the link to a booking page that contains all your personal meeting types
  • Copy personal embedded HTML: you can use this HTML to embed an iframe in your website, so users can book a meeting with you from your website directly

  • Copy team booking link: this is the link to a booking page that contains all team meeting types
  • Copy team embedded HTML: you can use this HTML to embed an iframe in your website, so users can book a meeting with you or one of your team members from your website directly


Create new meeting type

Create new meeting types by clicking on Create new + in the top right-hand corner.

You can choose to create a meeting type for your personal booking page, or to create a team meeting type.


NoteIf your team is on the Free plan, every user can only create one meeting type.


Meeting type cards

You'll see all the meeting types you've created in separate cards. You can search for one specific meeting type in the search bar, or navigate to the pagination below to search for them manually. A meeting type card consists of:

  • The title of the meeting type
  • The description of the meeting type (optional)
  • The type: Online/Phone call/In person
  • The duration
  • The amount that a client needs to pay (Stripe integration required)
  • The meeting type host(s)
  • The share icon
  • Edit/duplicate/delete/(de)activate options


When you click on the three dots next to your contact form, you'll see several other options.


Share icon

By clicking on the share icon you'll have different options. 

You can share the meeting type:

  • Via a link
  • Via embedding HTML code
    • Choose Copy embedded HTML if you want to copy paste embedded HTML in your website instead of a regular link. Read more about embedding a meeting type here.
  • Via a QR code
    • Choose Copy QR embedded HTML if you want to copy paste embedded HTML in your website instead of a regular link. 
    • You can also download the QR image.
  • Via a contact widget
    • Click on Create a widget if you want to embed your meeting type in a contact widget on your website. In 'Link contact type', the meeting type you created will automatically be selected. Read more about contact widgets here.

Edit meeting types

Click on Edit to edit your meeting type. You can edit the meeting type details, the availability and the powerful extensions of an existing meeting type. If you want to edit the name of the meeting type, be aware that this will change the meeting type URL.


Duplicate a meeting type

If you click on Duplicate, all information from your meeting type will be duplicated to a new one with the name 'Duplicate of X'. You can still edit it of course and save it.


Delete a meeting type

You can also delete your meeting type by clicking on Delete. Note that this action cannot be undone. If you've embedded the meeting type on your website the booking page will stop working, so make sure to remove it there.


(De)activate a meeting type

When clicking on the three dots you'll also see the slider 'Active'. When a meeting type is active, leads or customers can book a meeting with you or your team members. Deactivate the slider to disable a meeting type from your booking page. Deactivated meeting types will show below active meeting types on your meeting types overview page.

Warning messages

There are a few reasons why you can see warning messages on the meeting types page.

  • If your calendar isn't connected you'll receive a warning message at the top of the overview page to connect your calendar. You'll also notice a red exclamation mark in the meeting type card.

The red exclamation mark can have several causes:

  • Your calendar isn't connected (cf. above)
  • The calendar of a team member is not connected in a team meeting type
  • Payment is required for the meeting type but the Stripe integration is inactive
  • If there's an issue with one of the questions you ask in your meeting type


Find more information on the cause of the exclamation mark by hovering over it:

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