Planned meetings overview


After you've created meeting types and you've either embedded them on your website or sent a booking link to your customers, they can book a meeting with you or your team members. 


You can see the first 5 upcoming meetings on your dashboard or find a complete overview on the meetings overview page. This article focuses on the meetings overview page.



  • First of all you'll find a filter on personal or team meetings at the top of the page.
  • Next, you can find your booking page by clicking on Plan a meeting in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Upcoming & past meetings

The page is divided into two categories: upcoming meetings and past meetings.


Every meeting row consists of:

  • The participants of the meeting
  • The date and time
  • The meeting type name
  • The location type
  • The duration
  • The location
    • Online meeting room link
    • Offline address
    • Clickable telephone number
  • Menu with extra options
    • Change meeting room
    • Cancel meeting


Online meetings

To change the meeting room of an online meeting, click on the menu (three dots) and click on Change meeting room.


A list view will be displayed similar to the 'Create or join meeting room' modal. Type in the name of the desired meeting room e.g. John:

You can choose an existing meeting room from the list or type in the name of the meeting room. Typing a name will give you 2 options:

  1. Select an existing room with this name

  2. Add a new room, which will open a pop up 

    • Create a meeting room from scratch

    • Create a meeting room with a template

Click on the preferred option to change the meeting room. The meeting room linked to the meeting type will have changed to the newly selected/created room.

When you or your guests use the meeting link from the confirmation mail or calendar invite, this will redirect to the newly selected meeting room.


Meeting on location

If the guest booked a meeting on location, you will see all the necessary information about the meeting. This card has no clickable options.

Phone meeting

If the guest booked a phone meeting, you will see the necessary information to call the guest at the booked moment. Clicking the card will open your calling app.

Cancel meeting

Once you've clicked on Menu icon and afterwards on Delete meeting, a pop-up will appear which gives you the option to send or not send a cancellation email. Click on one of the options and the meeting will be cancelled or click on 'Don't cancel' if you don't want to cancel the meeting.



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