How to invite additional invitees to your meeting?

In Vectera you can have meetings with multiple guests. Your guest can book a meeting via your booking page, but how can they invite additional invitees to the meeting?


You can allow guests to invite additional guests, e.g. colleagues, by setting up the maximum number of invitees in the meeting type configuration. After, guests can select a date, fill in their data and invite additional invitees.


Configure the meeting type

  1. Create a meeting type and set up the basic Meeting type details (e.g. Name, location, ..)

  2. Enable 'Show advanced settings'.

  3. Now you will see the 'Additional invitees' option. Fill in the maximum number of additional invitees that the guest can invite. This must be a number between 1 and 6 (e.g. 4*).
    *In this example, you will have a meeting with maximum 6 participants: you, the host and 4 additional invitees.
  4. Finish up the other meeting type settings and availability.

  5. Go to Customize email templates in the Powerful extensions. You can customize the email that the additional invitees will receive (= Additional invitee confirmation mail) when they are invited by the main guest.
  6. Edit other Powerful extensions and save the meeting type.


Guest adds invitees  

When a guest visits the booking page of this meeting type, they will choose a date and time and continue to the data submit page. In the example below, John Doe can invite up to 4 additional invitees. John only wants to invite 3 colleagues:

  • Jane Doe
  • James Doe
  • Mark Doe


Every time John starts typing in the invite email field, a new email field will appear.

When John has entered the 3 email addresses, the fourth email field can remain empty. John can confirm the booking with you and a confirmation email will be sent to all the 6 participants.

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