Integrate Hubspot for meeting rooms with Vectera

When you have a meeting with a client, it's not easy to remember all the information about that contact. Continuously switching between the meeting room, your HubSpot contact page and other pages isn't very efficient. You can make this much easier by connecting your HubSpot account in Vectera and seeing all the relevant contact info in your meeting room! After the meeting you can send the meeting data and notes to your HubSpot contact page.

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Connect HubSpot in Vectera

The first step is to connect your HubSpot account in Vectera. Only team admins can connect the integration, which will work for the entire team.

  1. Go to Settings - Integrations and click on HubSpot for meeting rooms
  2. Click on Connect 
  3. Log in to your HubSpot account

  4. You will see a message that you've successfully connected your account to Vectera

Select properties 

Once you've connected your HubSpot account in Vectera you can select properties that you've set up in your HubSpot account. These properties will show you information about the contact (if filled out in the HubSpot contact).

To add a property, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the list next to 'Search a property to be added'. This list shows all the properties that you've set up in your HubSpot account.
  2. You can either scroll and click on a property or you can type in a property you would like to add (e.g. Company name) and click on it.
  3. Once you've selected a property it will show below Selected properties.
  4. To add other properties just click on the list field and Select a property as in step 2. You can select up to 100 properties.

  5. If you want to remove a property, click on the Bin icon.
  6. When you've selected all the relevant properties, click on Save.

Contact information in your meeting room

Customer lookup

When you enter the meeting room you will see a Customer lookup box on the right side. This box is only visible to the meeting host if the HubSpot integration is active. Guests will not see this!

Fill in the email address of the contact and click on Search in HubSpot. You will now see the name of the contact appear in the box.

If you've added the wrong email address click on the X next to the name to remove search.

Make sure to fill in the correct email address entirely, to have a successful match. If not you will see a message that the contact is not found.


To see the information of the contact, click on the name. This wil open a pop-up with the data of all the properties that you've selected in Select properties. The properties are shown in alphabetical order.

To close the properties pop-up, click on the X next to 'Contact data for First_Name'

Important remarks

  • The HubSpot lookup field and properties pop-up are only visible for the meeting host if the HubSpot connection is made in Vectera integrations. Guests will never see this information.

  • If you share your screen the properties pop-up will close, to not share any information with the guest. However, if you're sharing your screen and click on the HubSpot box, it will show the pop-up!

  • Leaving the meeting room or refreshing the page will stop the lookup. You will have to lookup the email address again after a page refresh or leaving the meeting room.

Send meeting data to your HubSpot contact

At the end of the meeting when you leave the meeting room, the meeting data will be sent automatically to your HubSpot contact. This includes:

  • The meeting host,
  • the meeting room link and
  • the duration.

In order to send the information to HubSpot, you need an active meeting. Meaning that there should at least be 2 participants with at least one active video or audio stream.

Send meeting notes to your HubSpot contact

If you take notes during the meeting in the private notes, you can also send these to your HubSpot contact. You can do this during the meeting or after the meeting.

During the meeting

If you have searched for a HubSpot contact in the meeting room, you will be able to send the private meeting notes to HubSpot by clicking on the button Send to HubSpot.

After the meeting

If you have private notes that you haven't sent to HubSpot during the meeting yet, you will see a pop-up after leaving the meeting room. This pop-up will ask if you would like to send or update the private notes to HubSpot. Click on Send to HubSpot to send or update the notes in the HubSpot contact.

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