Integrate AdminPulse with Vectera

Always wanted an easy way to have online meetings with an AdminPulse relation in a recurring meeting room? Then the integration between AdminPulse and Vectera is what you're looking for!


The integration allows you to have a recurring meeting room for every AdminPulse relation. After the meeting, the meeting data will automatically be sent to AdminPulse and a price will be calculated for the client.


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Connect AdminPulse in Vectera

The first step is to connect your AdminPulse account in Vectera. Only team admins in both Vectera and AdminPulse can connect the integration, which will work for the entire team.

  1. Go to Settings - Integrations and click on AdminPulse
  2. Click on Connect 
  3. Log in to your AdminPulse account
  4. You will see a message that you've successfully connected your account to Vectera


Select price list items for your team

On the integration page you can select which price list item must be assigned to which user. This price list item will be used to create the price after a session with a client depending on the duration of the meeting. You can select a default price list item or specify a price list item for a specific user.

The price list items are based on the 'Time' items in AdminPulse on the Registrations - Price list page.


Select a default price list item

First you select the default price item. This makes it easy to switch all the team members on the default price list item to another one. By default 'Don't register time' is selected, but you can easily change it by clicking on the field and selecting the price list item that should be the default.

Select a specific price list item for a team member

If a team member should be assigned to a specific price list item or time shouldn't be registered for this user, you can set this up below the default price item. By default the default price list item will be selected.


Click on the field that shows 'Use default setting' next to the team member that should have a different price list item. Select the correct price list item. Do this for every team member that should have a different price list item and save the page.

If multiple team members should have the same price list item linked, we recommend to set this one as the default price list item.


Link a meeting room to an AdminPulse relation

Now it's time to link meeting rooms to AdminPulse relations on the meeting rooms page. You can either create a new meeting room or link an existing meeting room.


Create a new meeting room

  1. On the meeting rooms page click on the button Create a meeting room
  2. Give the meeting room a name (e.g. the name of your client - John Doe) and optionally select a template
  3. Click on the field below 'Link to an AdminPulse relation'
  4. Select a company or sole proprietor*
  5. Click on create


A meeting room is created and linked to the relation in AdminPulse. You will notice the AdminPulse logo next to the meeting room name. When you hover over it you will see the name of the relation.


It's also possible to select an AdminPulse relation first. This will fill in the name of the AdminPulse relation as the name of the meeting room automatically. In the above example the name of the meeting room would be 'John Doe's bedrijf BVBA'.


  1. On the meeting rooms page click on the three dots of a meeting room
  2. Click on Link AdminPulse
  3. Click on the field below 'Link to an AdminPulse relation'
  4. Select a company or sole proprietor*
  5. Click on Update

Change or remove the AdminPulse relation linked to a meeting room

These steps are exactly the same as the above steps:

  1. Click on the three dots of a meeting room 
  2. Click on Manage AdminPulse
  3. Now you can either select a different AdminPulse relation* or click on the X on the right side of the meeting room name to remove the relation link
  4. Click on Update


* The companies and sole proprietors that are shown in this field are all the relations from your AdminPulse account except for persons.


Relation info in the meeting room 

In the meeting room you will see the name of the AdminPulse relation that is linked to it.


Send meeting data to AdminPulse

This is the most important part of the integration; sending meeting data to AdminPulse. It allows you to automatically calculate a price for the meeting with you and/or your team members and you will be able to send meeting notes to AdminPulse, so you can always find them.

Register the meeting time and auto calculate a price

The integration makes it possible to register the duration of a meeting and based on the selected price list item, it will calculate a billing price. 5 Minutes after the meeting ended you will find the billing price in the registrations overview in AdminPulse or by clicking on the clock icon in the Relations page.

This is an example of a time registration:


To calculate a correct price for the meetings, we look at:

1. The price list item linked to the meeting host(s).

2. The email address, which must be exactly the same for the Vectera user and the AdminPulse user!

3. The duration that one or multiple hosts and one or multiple guests have spent in the meeting room


AdminPulse allows editing registrations, so you can always change the data/price for a specific registration if needed.


To learn more about the way Vectera time registration works, read this help article.


Send meeting notes to AdminPulse

If you write private notes you can send these to your AdminPulse relation. You can do this during the meeting or after the meeting. You will find the meeting notes in the interactions part of your AdminPulse relation.


During the meeting

If your meeting room is linked to an AdminPulse relation, you will be able to send the private meeting notes to AdminPulse by clicking on the button Save to AdminPulse.


After the meeting

If you have private notes that you haven't sent to AdminPulse during the meeting yet, you will see a pop-up when ending the meeting. This pop-up will ask if you would like to send or update the private notes to AdminPulse. Click on Save to AdminPulse.


Meeting notes in AdminPulse

Once you've sent the meeting notes to AdminPulse you can find the notes in the interactions part of your relation. 

  1. Go to Relations
  2. Click on the relation that you had a meeting with
  3. Now click on the icon with the 2 speech bubbles
  4. Your notes are visible on this page*

*Note: If you have a meeting but don't send any notes, a registration of the meeting will be shown (online meeting + meeting room link).

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