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As a Vectera user there might be a time where you want to upgrade your subscription plan, add new team members to your plan or update your payment and/or billing address. In this help article we explain how to do all of this and how to check your invoices from your subscription page.


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Upgrade my subscription plan

  1. To update your subscription plan, click on ‘Settings’ in the navigation on the left and go to ‘Subscription’. There you click on the ‘Upgrade’ button.
  2. Here you have an overview of the 4 subscription plans. At the top, you can choose between 'Monthly billing' and 'Annual billing’.
  3. To change the subscription plan click on Upgrade/Downgrade or contact team@vectera.com for a customized plan.
  4. If you choose a subscription and you click on ‘Upgrade’, you will see your new invoice amount. Click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’, then add or confirm your billing address and click ‘Next’. 
  5. The final step to your new subscription is to click on ‘Pay €xx & subscribe’. 


Note: You will get a reminder of your subscription renewal 7 days before the actual renewal date. 


Add team members to your plan

In the Pro and Business plan the subscription depends on the number of team members in your team. You can easily add and remove team members. To go from the Subscription page to the Team members page, click on Add more team members.


When you add or remove team members your subscription will be updated automatically at midnight. A new invoice or credit note will be created pro rata.


Example: If you add 2 new team members and remove one existing team member on the same day, a new invoice will be created for one extra team member.


Learn more about adding and removing team members in this help article. 


Update my payment method

If your credit card is declined or you would like to switch payment methods, you can easily do it with these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ in the navigation on the left and go to ‘Subscription’. 
  2. Click on 'Billing details and invoices'.
  3. Select ‘Payment Methods’.
  4. Now you have 2 options:

    1. You can edit your existing payment method by clicking on that method and going to 'Edit Payment Method'. To confirm, click 'Update' at the bottom.

    2. Or you can add another payment method by clicking on 'Add New'.
      At the top, you have the option to add a credit card or a direct debit. If you choose to add a new credit card, be sure to click 'Add' at the bottom to confirm.


Update my billing address

Follow these steps to update your billing address:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ in the navigation on the left and go to ‘Subscription’. There you click on 'Billing details and invoices'.
  2. Select ‘Billing & Shipping Addresses’.

    Now you click on the given address so you can update it. To confirm the address, click 'Update' at the bottom.


View your invoices

You can also view your invoices on the subscription page under the Billing and invoices section -> Billing history. Check out this article to find out more. 

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