What is the infinity mirror effect and how to counter it?

When activating Share Screen or Cobrowse you might see an overlay to reduce the 'infinity mirror effect'. But what is the infinity mirror effect and why do you see this? 


What is the infinity mirror effect?

The "infinity mirror effect" occurs when you share the screen where you have opened the Vectera meeting room. It is similar to looking into two mirrors facing each other. To reduce this effect, Vectera shows following notification. As an example, the notification is hidden in this gif:


This effect can be confusing: it keeps sharing your screen until infinity. So it's best not to hide it!


When do you see the infinity mirror effect?

The infinity mirror effect appears when you do following actions:

  • Share your full screen and show the Vectera meeting room

  • Share the browser as an app window and show the Vectera meeting room

  • Share the Vectera meeting room as browser tab

  • Cobrowse the Vectera meeting room

How to avoid the infinity mirror effect?

Instead of sharing the full screen you can share an app window or a browser tab

  • App window: If you want to share a browser to show multiple tabs, make sure the Vectera meeting room is in a separate window. If you have 2 monitors, you can easily split the Vectera meeting room from the other tabs.

  • Browser tab and cobrowse: Share any other tab than the Vectera meeting room.

Example: if you share the full screen, this is what you and the guest will see

In the screen below you see the view of Matthias, who is sharing his full screen. The infinity mirror effect shows when he is sharing the Vectera meeting room. Then he goes to another tab (Wikipedia) to show something on that website.

He doesn't see the Vectera meeting room anymore (but continues to see Luna's camera).



This screen below is the view of Luna, the guest of this meeting. She sees that Matthias is sharing his full screen, which shows the infinity mirror screen in the beginning as he's first showing the Vectera meeting room.


When Matthias navigates to the Wikipedia page, the infinity mirror screen is gone and the Wikipedia page is shown.


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