The integration of your booking page into your Wordpress website depends on the version of your Wordpress website ( or

To check your version, log into your Wordpress account and hover over the Wordpress logo at the top left of the page. If no drop-down menu appears, you are on a website. If you see a drop-down menu, you are on a website.

Embedding for

Navigate to the page where you want to allow visitors to schedule a meeting with you. Now select the appropriate text, click on the hyperlink logo (see gif below), and fill in your embeddable booking url. You can find this url at, after you've connected your calendar.

That's it!

Embedding for

To integrate your booking page into your website, you'll need to add a Custom HTML block to your page. This is important: not a url embed but a Custom HTML block. 

Now enter your embeddable booking url in the next line of code. You can find this url at, after you've connected your calendar.

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 600px;" src="EMBEDDABLE_BOOKING_URL=" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You'll need to replace EMBEDDABLE_BOOKING_URL by the copied URL from the previous step.


My embeddable booking page is

If I want to embed this booking page into my website, I would change the code to:

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 600px;" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Enter this line of code in your's code base in the section you want the booking page to display. Make sure to use your personal URL. 

Note: if you use a theme on your website, this could affect the appearance of the embedded scheduling page.

Tip: you can adjust the dimensions in the code snippet by defining a specific width and height. Example: 

<iframe style="width: 640px; height: 480px;" src="EMBEDDABLE_BOOKING_URL=" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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