To set up your team accessibilities go to your Team settings and scroll down until you see Team. These team options are more based on back-end settings which have a smaller visual impact.

Show the team members page to non-admins: When the checkbox is unchecked the non-admin team members won't be able to visit the team members page and only see the 'Edit profile' setting.

Non-admins can see and edit the meetings of other team members: If the box is unchecked non-admin team members won't be able to see meetings of other team members. 

Team meeting room access

Meeting room access level for team admins: choose the default access that team admins have for team meetings rooms, this option doesn't apply for non-admin team members.

Default team access for meetings: choose the default access that team members have for visiting each other's meeting rooms.

For both options you can choose between:

  • Should knock: Team members should knock before they can enter the meeting room of another team member.

  • Can always join: Team members can always enter the meeting room of another team member without having to knock. The meeting room owner doesn't have to be in the meeting room.

  • Is host: Team members will have the same rights as the meeting room owner.

Note: team admins will always have the highest access of the above options. 

Eg. If the team admin access is 'Should knock' but meeting room access level for team members is 'Can always join', the admins will also have 'Can always join' access.

Allow overriding the team access level for individual meeting rooms: When the checkbox is unchecked all meeting rooms will have the above setting as default. it's not possible to change this in a separate meeting room.

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