How do I make a team member a host?

There are basically three ways to give your team member host rights to your meeting room:


1. Set the general team access rights to Is host in the team settings

As a team admin you can change the general access rights of the meeting rooms of all your team members.


Visit Team settings and scroll down until you see Team. You can change the team access rights for:

  • Team admins

  • All the team members



If the access level for team admins is lower than the access level for all the team members, the access level for all the team members will apply for the team admins.


Check 'Allow overriding the team access level for individual meeting rooms' if you want it to be possible that hosts can change the access rights of a specific meeting room.


2. Go to the invite settings of your meeting room, and select 'is host' at 'Team access'.


When you choose this option, you give all your team members host rights to your meeting room.



Keep in mind that the team admin needs to activate 'Allow overriding the team access level for individual meeting rooms' in the Team settings to make this option available.



3. Give host rights to one specific team member

For this option, you can create a private link and send it manually to your team member or you can send your team member an email invite. Don't forget to select 'is host' in both options.



More information on the invite settings and how to give team members host rights can be found in this help article.


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