How to invite guests and team members to a meeting room?

The meeting rooms in Vectera are created so they can be used without the need to download or install anything. Meaning that it's very easy to share a meeting room and still keep it safe. Below you can find out what the invite options are!

Invite guests to a meeting room

At the bottom of the meeting room, you can find the Invite settings. Click on Invite (next to Recordings) to open the box. There are several options to share a meeting room depending on the guest. You can:

  • Share a public link

  • Share a private link

  • Give specific access to one or multiple people

  • Give team members access

Share a public link

The easiest way is to share the public link of the meeting room. By clicking on 'Copy link' you will copy the URL of the meeting room (eg. which you can send to your guest.

Next to the 'Copy link' button you choose whether the meeting room is locked (so guests should knock) or is open to anyone with the link (= Can always join).

Share a private link

You can keep the meeting room locked but give someone access by creating a private link. By default, you will see that the private link is disabled. Click on 'Disabled' and select one of the other options to share the meeting room URL. You can give the following permissions:

  • Disabled: a private link will not be created

  • Can always join: Someone who has the private link can always join without having to knock.

  • Is host: the guest who enters the room with this special link will have the rights of a host!

Give specific access to one or multiple people

You can also invite one or multiple people to have specific rights. Click on the button 'Invite via e-mail', type the email address and click on 'Send invite'. The person will receive an email with a special access key.

You can decide what the access key will do: the person should knock, can always join or has host rights.

Give team members access

You can set up general access permissions for your team members as well.

By default, the team access will show as Should knock, meaning that your team members will have to knock before entering. You can change the default setting in your Branding & Team settings and you can also change the status per meeting room.

Next to Team access select one of the options:

  • Should knock: team members will have to knock to enter the meeting room.

  • Can always join: team members will be able to join the meeting room without having to knock.

  • Is host: team members will be able to join the meeting room without having to knock and will have the same rights as the host.

On the meeting rooms page, you will see a tab 'Team'. There you can see all the meeting rooms of your team with the status 'can always join' or 'is host'. You can also see which team member is the owner of the room (in list view).

Note: if a meeting room has the status 'Should knock', it will not appear in Team meeting rooms.

If you don't want the team members to see each other's meeting rooms in 'Team meeting rooms', you can change the Team settings so the tab will be hidden. This help article shows how you can do that.

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