How to reset the meeting room?

Every now and then it's important to start off with a clean slate. So we made it easy to reset your meeting room after every meeting or to manually clear all recordings, content, chat history and invited people.

1. Clear meeting room content

It's possible to clear meeting room content during or after the meeting. This includes whiteboards, files and chat messages. This doesn't include Private notes, Recordings and Invite settings. To remove those you will have to Reset the meeting room.


1.1 Via the banner

If one of the participants uploads or edits a whiteboard or file or sends a chat message, then a banner will appear at the top of the meeting room on the host's screen. This banner will allow to clear the meeting room content (whiteboards, files and chat messages).


The meeting host has 3 options:

  1. Ignore the banner and leave it where it is.
  2. Click on 'Click here' to remove the whiteboards, files and chat messages.
  3. Click on 'Don't show this again' to remove the banner and never show it again.


There are a few cases where the banner won't show:

  • There are multiple hosts in the meeting room that are logged into their account.
  • Share screen or cobrowse is activated.
  • No new whiteboards, files or chat messages have been added.
  • You have clicked on 'Don't show this again' at the a previous moment.
  • You're working in a template instead of a meeting room.


1.2 At the end of the meeting

When you select 'Leave' or 'End call for everyone' a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to keep the meeting room content or to clear it.



The host has 3 options:

  1. Close the pop-up by clicking on X. The host will stay in the meeting room and the content will remain the same.
  2. Click on 'Keep the data'. The host will leave the room but all the whiteboards, files and chat history will remain in the meeting room.
  3. Click on 'Clear'. This will remove all the whiteboards, files and chat history.


If you choose Keep the data or clear and you select 'Don't show this again', then the meeting room will do as requested and won't show the pop-up again after future meetings. Selecting 'Don't show this again' in combination with click on the X to close the pop-up won't work. The pop-up will keep showing in this case.


2. Reset the meeting room

In the meeting room, you will also have the possibility to reset all the content in the meeting room. This includes whiteboards, files and chat history but also recordings, private notes and invite settings. You can do this for all the content or select the relevant ones.

2.1 Reset the entire meeting room

To reset the room completely follow these steps:

  1. Open the meeting room settings

  2. Click on 'Reset meeting room'

  3. Make sure that the checkbox 'Meeting activity' is checked and click on reset

  4. The room will reset and you will leave the room automatically

2.2 Reset parts of the meeting room

It's also possible to reset certain parts of the meeting room. You can follow the steps of the above image and select the applicable check boxes to reset those. You can reset the following parts:

  • Participant activity: this deletes all the history and data of the meeting room. This can only be deleted in a full reset of the meeting room.

  • Chatbox: delete the chat history of the meeting room.

  • Whiteboards and files: delete all the whiteboards and uploaded files in the room.

  • Cloud recordings: delete all the recordings that are uploaded in the cloud of this meeting room. Temporary local recordings will not be removed.

  • Specific user access: delete all the email addresses that are invited in the sharing settings.

In this example, you would only delete the chat history and the whiteboards/uploaded files.

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