How can you remove someone from a meeting room?

As a host of the meeting room there are several options to remove someone from the meeting room. Guests don't have the possibility to remove other people from the meeting room.


1. Remove a single person

You can remove a single person from the meeting room by:

  1. Hovering over the camera view/name (if no camera is active) of the person
  2. Clicking on the remove icon 
  3. Confirming to remove the person from the meeting room.

2. End call for everyone (but me)

It's also possible to remove everyone (but yourself) from the meeting room. Just click on the 'Leave' button and select 'End call for everyone' or 'End call for everyone but me'. This option is meant to end the meeting more than to remove a single person.


3. Reset the meeting room

A third option is to reset the meeting room. Just know that when you reset the meeting room you might be removing whiteboards, recordings and data as well, depending on which reset options you select. Learn more about Resetting a meeting room in this help article.

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